For residents in our sheltered accommodation or specialist schemes, please talk to the staff about what measures have been put in place to support you and to keep you safe rather than contact our Head Office.


During these times all visitors will not be permitted within any of our buildings unless they are:

Please note that family members/relatives, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners etc will not be permitted to visit unless they are official carers.

Visits to your home

During this time we will only visit your accommodation if there is a genuine need or emergency. If you’re self-isolating or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and we’re due to visit you in your home, it’s really important that you tell the staff on site or call us on 0115 9166066 to let us know beforehand so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Entering other residents’ rooms

As a precautionary measure at this time, you are not permitted to enter another residents room.  If you wish to speak to a resident this should be done on the phone or outside the building whilst ensuring that you are following the rules around social distancing by keeping 6 feet apart.

Communal kitchen & laundry

Only 1 person can be in the kitchen at any one time and they should restrict their time to a maximum of 1 hour.  Where necessary a rota will be drawn up giving each resident a time slot for using the kitchen.

For the time being laundry rooms will continue to operate in the normal way as this is not an area where people tend to stay for more than a few minutes.

Communal lounges

All communal lounges will be closed and locked on Wednesday evening and will remain closed until further notice.