Resident Volunteers

Our frontline staff have been made aware of our residents’ fantastic voluntary work, giving up their time to support local charities working within their communities.

Our corporate values include

‘Uniting diverse people and making a difference’

and we want to recognise those special tenants who go above and behind to improve the lives of those in the areas we serve.

In each issue of Engage we would like to feature a tenant volunteer. That person will get to shine a light on the work they are doing and improve awareness of the charity they volunteer for, which may encourage more people to volunteer.

As a thank you for the voluntary work you do we will send our featured volunteer a £50 high street or Amazon voucher and we will donate £50 to the charity as well.

You can either nominate yourself or you could nominate a neighbour/friend but the volunteer must be a Tuntum resident.

We will contact the charity to confirm that you/they are still an active volunteer and  also ask them for details of the work that they do to put in Engage and help raise awareness.

We will contact you/the nominated person to ask for information about the sort of work you do to help the charity, how you got involved and what you enjoy about volunteering.

To nominate someone/yourself please email Christina Morgan-Danvers with the following details:

1)     Are you nominating yourself or a friend? Self / Friend (please delete as applicable)

2)     Your name:

3)     Their name (if nominating someone else):

4)     Charity you/they volunteer for:

5)     Contact name and phone number or email at the charity: