Your Rent

It is your responsibility to make sure that your rent is paid regularly on time.

This applies whether you pay all your rent or whether some is paid through Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. You must pay your rent in advance and you can pay weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or monthly.


There are 9 easy ways to pay:

My Tenancy provides you with Secure 24/7 access to quickly pay your rent, view your rent account, report a repair, and update your personal information.


Use this link or go to our home page and click on MYTENANCY, and then ‘Create Account’. You will need to use the email you have registered with us. If you have forgotten or would like to create or change this e-mail, then please contact us at or 0115 9166066.

You will also need your tenant key which you can obtain by calling Tuntum or by email, or you can find the number on any recent letters you have received, this is an 8 digit number and starts with 2000. Once your account is created you’ll be able to manage all your information securely.

If you have a current bank or building society account, we can arrange for your rent to be paid monthly, directly to us, with a Direct Debit. Please fill out the Direct Debit Form and return it to us. 

If you pay by Direct Debit, we will notify the bank of any increases in rent. We will let you know in writing when the Direct Debit will start, and any changes to the payments. If the payments are rejected by the bank twice, the arrangement will be cancelled and you will have to pay by one of the other payment methods. If it is cancelled, we will write and let you know.

Many tenants are eligible for help with their rent through Housing Benefit. Please make sure that you are not one of those to miss out. Even if you have applied unsuccessfully before, it is always worth trying again, particularly if you receive tax credits. You can get a claim form from your local council. If you claim benefits and your circumstances change – for example, if you start work or someone moves into or out of your home – you must tell your local council. Failure to do so could result in a housing benefit overpayment, leading to rent arrears, which we will recover from you. You can calculate the amount of benefit you are entitled to by using a Benefit Entitlement Calculator. This should only be used as a guide, and should not be treated as an official calculation, notification or guarantee of the award of any amount of Housing or Council Tax Benefit.

Universal Credit supports you if you are on a low income or out of work. It includes a monthly payment to help with your living costs. This site will help you understand what Universal Credit means for you. If you want to go straight to making a claim for Universal Credit visit

You can download the  Allpay app for free from the Apple App Store, Windows Phone store or Google Play, and pay your rent easily at any time using your smart phone. 

You can pay online here. You must have a valid email address and a credit or debit card to use this service. 

For security, you will need to enter a password each time your login. Following your payment, you will be given a payment reference and authorisation code. Confirmation will also be sent to your e-mail address.

You can use your mobile phone to pay your rent by text message. Register in four simple steps at Then, when you want to make a payment, just text ‘pay’ and the code which you will have set up during registration (e.g. ‘rent’), along with the amount you want to pay and your password (the last four digits of your bank card) to 81025. You will receive a confirmation text message.

To pay by telephone you will need your bank debit or credit card e.g. MasterCard, Visa, Switch or Connect, Maestro, Solo, Visa Electron.

To make a payment, call Allpay on 0330 041 6497  . A recorded voice will guide you through entering your swipe-card reference number, your debit or credit card details, and the amount you want to pay. If you have any problems, you will automatically be transferred to an Allpay customer service advisor.

You can pay at the Post Office using your Tuntum rent payment card. You can find your local post office using their branch search here.

You can pay your rent by cash at any PayPoint outlet. All you need to do is take your Tuntum rent payment card and money to anywhere you see the PayPoint sign including newsagents, supermarkets, convenience stores and garages.

Please retain your receipt and, in exceptional cases where a payment has not been received, this then can be traced via your receipt.

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You can send a postal order directly to Tuntum Housing Association at 90 Beech Avenue, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7LW. All postal orders should clearly identify your rent account number and be made payable to Tuntum Housing Association Limited. It is helpful if you write your name and address on the back, particularly if you need a receipt.

Rent Arrears

If you fail to pay your rent and fall into rent arrears, we have the right to take you to court and seek eviction if you do not clear the debt or come to an agreement acceptable to us. The steps to eviction are given below and are used as a last resort.

  • You will receive a Notice of Seeking /Requiring Possession or a Notice to Quit.
  • If you do not repay the debt you will receive a possession summons giving a date for a hearing at the county court.
  • If the debt is not cleared in full then the court can either make an Outright Order or Suspended Possession Order, if you do not repay the debt after a Suspended Order you will receive a Warrant of Possession with an eviction date.

Contact us immediately if you fall into arrears.