Repairs and Maintenance

We aim to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently and to provide you with a quality service at all times.

Under the terms of your tenancy, you are responsible for keeping your home in good condition, and you must take responsibility for some minor repairs. You can download a table setting out your repair responsibilities here.

We understand that some jobs may be difficult for you to do, especially if you are elderly or disabled or have no one to help out. If this is the case, we can help. We may be able to offer a handyman service, with fixed price charges for common jobs so you know beforehand what it will cost. Please contact us to discuss your needs, email or call 0115 916 6066.

DownloadLooking After Your Home: Residents’ Repair Handbook

When you report a repair

You can report a repair online, or via email, phone or in person.

Please give us as much detail as possible about the issue, and provide us with a phone number or email address we can contact you on.

Please keep your appointments or advise us as early as possible if you are not going to be available.

We categorise all repairs that are reported to us, and this will determine how quickly we will deal with the issue.

Which repairs will I have to pay for?

If a repair in your home is the result of neglect or damage (accidental or otherwise), you’ll be responsible for putting it right and paying for it. This includes damage caused by any members of your household as well as by your pets or visitors.

If the issue presents a health and safety or security risk, we’ll carry out the repairs for you, but you will have to pay the cost. These are called rechargeable repairs.


Examples of rechargeable repairs include:


You will also be charged for:

If you do not carry out any repairs or replacements that you are responsible for, we will charge you for any costs that we incur fixing the issue at a later date.