Comments and Compliments

We strive to provide services of a high standard at all times

It is always great to receive positive feedback and to know that we got something right. So if you have a comment or a compliment  please put it on the online form below.  


The following response times apply:

Reception: When you call at reception with an appointment, we will see you at the time of the appointment. For visitors without an appointment we will see you within 15 minutes of arrival unless no staff are available, in which case you will be informed of this.

Telephone calls: the majority of calls are dealt with immediately. Where we need to call back, we will do so within 5 working days of receiving the initial call.

Emails/texts: where the content of the e-mail/ text is clearly urgent (e.g. a potential criminal offence or breach of Health & Safety is likely to occur) we will deal with it immediately. Routine emails / texts will be responded to within 10 working days.

Letters: we will reply to your letter in writing within 10 working days.

Note: where a complaint is received the response times as set out in our Complaints Policy will apply. Where the issue raised by the customer falls within the remit of our Anti-Social Behaviour and Harassment Policy then the timescales as set out in that policy will apply.

Use the online form to leave your comment or compliment.