The Independent Complaints Panel (ICP)

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Independent Complaints Panel  are only hearing cases remotely (via Zoom)

Our award winning independent complaints panel (ICP) made up of involved tenants from a number of partner landlords, are continuing their great work! The members spent a great deal of time examining evidence and speaking to staff and complainants before arriving at their recommendations. 

The ICP is a response to the Government’s Localism Act, designed to increase the influence of local people when decisions are made. The Act introduced local complaints panels to look at cases that have exhausted an organisation’s internal complaints processes. This role is termed the ‘designated person’.

The ICP has been set up by  Tuntum, Derwent Living, Chorus Homes and Longhurst Group and consists of customers from all three housing providers. The members are supported by the Tenant Participation Advisory Service to ensure that the process is fully independent and objective.

Can I take my complaint to the ICP?

Yes, you can refer your complaint to the ICP once your complaint has fully passed through Tuntum’s internal complaint procedure.