Graffiti, Fly-Tipping and Abandoned Cars

We know that most of our residents take pride in their homes and their communities. So it can be extremely frustrating to find graffiti, fly-tipping, fly-posting or abandoned cars in your neighbourhood.

Where these issues are found on public property, such as on the road, they should be reported to your Local Authority:

If there is graffiti or dumped rubbish in communal areas of our estates, please contact us to report it and we will have it removed. If we know who was responsible, we will charge them for the cost of clearing. If there are persistent problems on a particular estate, we may have to increase the service charge to cover the cost of repeated removals.

If your property is graffitied, or you feel targeted or harassed in any way, please report this to the police.

If you have items of furniture you want to dispose of, please contact your Local Authority to have it collected – click here for a full list Local Authority waste departments.