Complaints – You Said, We Did

Following the introduction of the new Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code in July 2020, we updated our Complaints Policy in December 2020 to ensure that we are adhering to the updated code.

The new code puts emphasis on landlords learning from the issues that arise for residents and in light of this we have set up a forum for us to review the complaints we resolve and put measures in place that may prevent them in future.

Below is a list of actions we’ve taken following reviewing the complaints we’ve received.


You Said: There had been delays in communicating with you on ASB cases.
We Did: Reviewed our ASB service level standards, to ensure they meet your needs.

You Said: Our contractor did not communicate as you would like.
We Did: We engaged with residents in the creation of a Contractor Service Standards Agreement.

You Said: You’d had multiple visits from a contractor.
We Did: We track our contractors’ visits to you and hold weekly performance meetings with them.

You Said: You were unsure how to prevent mould.
We Did: We’ll now send condensation advice leaflets to all residents at least once a year to keep you informed with the best advice.

You Said: You wanted us to tell you when we would be carrying out our planned program of upgrades.
We Did: We now write to you to inform you when your upgrade will happen.

You Said: You were not happy that your shower didn’t work shortly after you moved in.
We Did: We now upgrade showers in our empty properties where needed.

You Said: You weren’t happy with the amount of communication when raising anti-social behaviour concerns.
We Did: Added ASB questions to our engagement survey to gain a greater understanding and we now monitor customer satisfaction levels around ASB handling. We now contact you every 10 days by telephone, then follow up with a letter. We create an action plan agreed with you at the start of the case.

You Said: It takes too long to get through to us on the phone.
We Did: We changed our telephone system so we can track how many calls we receive and resource each line to the right levels. We’re pleased to tell you that this has meant that we’re answering more calls than ever before.

You Said: You would like prior notice before our Neighbour Impact Workers visit you
We Did: We now make appointments prior to visiting

You Said: You didn’t know your rent account was in credit.
We Did: We now audit our accounts that are in credit and are putting in place a process for contacting those residents to make them aware.

You Said: You were unhappy with the customer service you received.
We Did: We have a new telephone system which enables us to record our calls and use them to coach our staff to give you the best experience when speaking to us.

You Said: You did not think the communal areas were cleaned as well as you would expect.
We Did: We now conduct regular audits of the cleaning that takes place at all our properties so that we can pick up on any issues that may arise.

You Said: The support we provided to help with your Home Link application was not as you expected.
We Did: We spoke to Home Link to make sure our staff have the latest training to be able to help you find a home.