Your Tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is a contract that sets out rights and responsibilities for you, the tenant, and for us, the landlord.

It will tell you what we expect from you, including keeping your property in a reasonable condition, and what you can expect from us. It also includes details on which repairs issues you will have to take care of yourself, and which you can report to us to deal with.

There are several different types of tenancies,  which each give the tenant different conditions and responsibilities.

Starter tenancy

Every new tenant will have a Starter Tenancy for the first 12 months. This is like a trial period. Your Housing Officer will visit you after 9 months to review your tenancy, inspect the property and discuss any issues you may have.

Depending on the outcome of this visit, we may convert your tenancy to an Assured tenancy, set conditions that you will need to meet in order for your tenancy to be converted, or we may extend your starter tenancy for a further six months.

Assured tenancy

Normally, if the terms and conditions of the Starter Tenancy have been met, your tenancy will be converted to an Assured Tenancy on the 12-month anniversary of your tenancy agreement.

This means you will have more rights, such as the ability to take part in a mutual exchange. It also means you have the right to live in your home for life as long as you keep to the tenancy conditions.

Other types of tenancies

We may offer other types of tenancies depending on:

  • Whether the property is owned by another association
  • Whether you are an existing Tuntum tenant
  • The type of property being offered

Tenancy visits

We visit every tenant once a year, to make sure circumstances haven’t changed and that there are no problems that need to be addressed.

Changes in your household

We need to know if your household changes, for example if:

  • Someone has moved out
  • Someone has moved in
  • You want to get a cat or dog
  • You have got married
  • Your financial circumstances have changed
  • You or a member of your household are diagnosed with a serious illness/disability
  • You consider yourself to be vulnerable

If any of these applies to you, or something else has changed that you think we should know about, please contact us.

Breach of tenancy

Your tenancy agreement outlines the conditions that must be met in order for your tenancy to continue. If you persistently fail to abide by these conditions, we may take steps to end your tenancy. 

Ending your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy, you must give us at least 4 weeks’ notice by completing the End of Tenancy form (click here to download), remove all your belongings at the end of the tenancy, and return the keys to us. If you leave behind any belongings after your tenancy has ended, you will be charged for the cost of removal and disposal of all items.

You will also be charged for any damage that is discovered at the property after you have left.