Tuntum staff

Tuntum is a BME (Black and Minority Ethnic)-led, Nottingham-based housing association.

Set up in 1988, our mission is to be a dynamic social business, passionate about improving lives and empowering people in sustainable multi-cultural communities.

Our vision is: Good quality homes and excellent services for diverse communities.

We provide homes

We manage over 1600 properties and provide homes for over 3000 people in 12 local authority areas.

We offer culturally-sensitive support services 

We provide accommodation and specialist housing services for older people, refugees, young mothers, people suffering with mental health difficulties and homeless young people.

We are BME-led 

We are the only independent BME-led housing association in the East Midlands. The majority of our staff and Board are reflective of Nottingham’s black and minority ethnic communities. 

Our founders were community activists and professionals from Nottingham’s black community, motivated by the desire to correct inequality in housing provision, to demonstrate black community self-help, to create economic opportunities and to help build social capital.

Today we provide homes and services for people from a diverse range of ethnic groups. 

We support communities 

We also deliver a number of non-housing initiatives which add value to the lives of our tenants and the communities in which we operate. These include the Nottingham Carnival, Refugee Futures, Headwize, and our staff-delivered ‘Social Value’ days. 

We are well-governed

We are governed by a Board of 12 individuals, who have a wide range of skills and experience. 

We are supported and regulated by the government through Homes England

Homes England’s Regulatory Judgement for Tuntum Housing Association is G2, V2. You can find out more about what this means here.

We are a member of the National Housing Federation and BME National, a collection of over 60 BME-led housing associations. 

Our Values

Trustworthiness and integrity

Uniting diverse people and making a difference

New ideas and approaches as an independent organisation

Tenant and customer driven

Using surpluses to improve lives and communities

Motivated, positive and diligent board and staff