Your Vote Matters

Date published: 6th October 2023

Nottingham City Council is encouraging all eligible Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic citizens to register to vote.

Electoral Commission research has found that nationally a lower percentage of people from  Black Asian or other Ethnic Minority backgrounds are registered to vote, than the percentage of  White people who are registered.

Nottingham is a diverse city and proud of its cultural diversity. Its councillors reflect its communities with 56% of elected councillors being from Black, Asian or other Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

Engaging with the political process and participating in positive debate, can inform decision makers and help bring about change.

By registering and using your vote at future elections, you can have your voice heard.

That is why it’s important that all eligible citizens register to vote.

Soon, Nottingham City Council residents will receive either an email, text or paper form asking them to check their household details on the register, please do this straight away and follow the instructions provided.

If you are not already registered and you are a British, Irish, Commonwealth or EU citizen and over 16 years old, you should also visit or call 0115 8764111 to register.  You will need your National Insurance number.

Remember – your vote matters. Don’t lose it!