Your common queries SOLVED: how to change a bathroom light bulb

Date published: 15th May 2018

All our bathrooms are fitted with 2D light bulbs as standard. It is your responsibility to change the light bulbs when needed.

Step 1: Turn off the light at the wall.

Step 2: Remove the cover, either by taking out the screws (remembering to support the cover), or by gently pushing the cover inward, within the mounting, and then sliding the cover to one side, releasing the holding clips.

Step 3: Change the bulb by holding the centre point of the bulb unit (not the bulb itself) and pulling it out of the fitting.

Step 4: Buy a new bulb. We recommend you take the old bulb with you to make sure you get the correct type. Keep a spare bulb at home.

Step 5: To replace, simply push the new bulb back into the fitting, and secure the cover with the screws or push it back on.