Your common queries SOLVED: blockages

Date published: 11th May 2018


Blocked drains are usually caused by a build-up of things in the waste trap, like fat, grease, tealeaves or hair.

The trap is located underneath the basin, sink or bath. It always holds some water, to stop foul smells coming up the drain. Sometimes, waste material can build up and cause a blockage. Traps can easily be unblocked by unscrewing the joint and cleaning them out. Before you unscrew the trap, place a bucket underneath to catch any water.

To keep your drains flowing freely, regularly pour a kettle of boiling water down them to clear any fat or grease that may have built up. Please do this carefully to avoid injury from the boiling water. If the blockage is in the soil stack or main drain, this will need to be cleared by us.

Note: Waste pipes and traps can be kept clean and cleared with suitable products available from most stores. Do not use caustic soda as it destroys modern plastic fittings.


Unblocking a basin, sink or bath

To unblock a basin, sink or bath waste you will need:

  • a bowl;
  • a jug or cup;
  • a rag or dishcloth;
  • a plunger and rubber gloves.

1) Wearing rubber gloves, bale out most of the water into a bowl using a jug or cup, until the sink is half full.

2) Wet the rag and hold it tightly over the overflow opening.

3) Place the plunger over the plug-hole and pump up and down rapidly until the blockage clears.


Unblocking a toilet

To unblock a toilet you will need:

  • a bucket;
  • a bowl or jug;
  • a plunger and rubber gloves.
  1. Wearing rubber gloves, remove some of the water into a bucket using a bowl or jug and pour it away in the outside drain.
  1. Push the plunger to the bottom of the pan and pump up and down rapidly about 10 times. This creates a pressure vacuum, which may shift the blockage.
  1. Pour water from a bucket into the pan and see if it clears; if necessary, repeat this process several times until the toilet flushes normally.


Thoroughly wash your hands and all equipment after you have finished.

If the fault cannot be rectified, call us on 0115 9166066.