Tuntum receives a visit from Senior Civil Servants

Date published: 27th March 2019

Tuntum had the privilege to welcome three members of the Race Disparity Unit from Downing Street, London.   Mimi Kojaković, Senior Policy Advisor, Summer Nisar, Deputy Director (Interim) and Vasileios Antonopoulos, Senior Analyst were interested in what Tuntum does that is different and the impact we have at a community level.

In the morning, the Senior Civil Servants led a conversation with a group of Tuntum staff, including: Dara Ivekich, Service Manager, Chantelle Miller, Senior Housing Officer, Rose Slacks, Senior Accommodation Officer,  Sarita-Marie Rehman-Wall, Tenancy Engagement Officer, Ross Hindley, Senior Building Surveyor and Amanda Taylor, Senior Accommodation Officer . Afterwards, Richard Renwick, Chief Executive, took them around some of our schemes.

In the afternoon, they talked to some residents of Karibu and Imaani, and at the end of the day they met with Tuntum’s Senior Management Team for a ‘round up’ discussion.

It was an extremely successful day, where Tuntum have proudly managed to show and express what they are all about.