Tuntum 30th Birthday Party

It was over 30 years ago that a number of community activists from Nottingham’s black community set up Tuntum Housing Association with the aim of providing good quality housing and jobs for people primarily from the black community in Nottingham.

Since then Tuntum has grown to become one of the foremost housing associations of its kind in the United Kingdom. It has achieved this position over the last 30 years by being willing to take bold and innovative steps to solve problems so that a difference can be made to peoples’ lives.

This year, Tuntum celebrated its 30th anniversary with a celebratory dinner at
the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham. On the 7 December, staff, tenants, board members, city councillors and friends of Tuntum gathered to hear guest speaker, Professor Gus John, award-winning writer, campaigner and lecturer congratulated Tuntum on achieving this milestone.

Professor John spoke about the important contribution made to society by organisations like Tuntum, not just by providing good homes but also by giving vulnerable people specialist support and helping grow the economy.

Junior Hemans, Tuntum’s Chair said ‘Tuntum has achieved its success to date by remaining independent, being innovative and also by responding to people’s needs all done with a strong social conscience.’

Guests also saw on a screen, messages of congratulation from tenants, partners and other stakeholders including Cllr Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council. At the end a specially commissioned video about Tuntum was shown. This was made by documentary film maker, Sharon Walia, a former staff member of the Association.