Tips for how to stay happy in troubling times

Date published: 23rd April 2020

With the unfolding global coronavirus pandemic leading to people being confined to their homes, borders being shut and economic instability, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed by the state of the world at the moment. The good news? Even in times of stress and anxiety, you can take proactive steps to lift your mood.

We recommend that you read this full article on the BBC website written by William Park, it will detail each item below and explain why they should work if you practice them: BBC Future’s guide to happiness will help you to feel less overwhelmed by world events.

1. Distract yourself.

2. If you meditate, be aware that it might not work for everyone.

3. Reframe the situation.

4. Don’t obsess over being positive or happy.

5. Focus on the small things.

6. Clean up – maybe

7. Balance your social media consumption.

8. Get out of town.