Taking Tenant Engagement Seriously

Date published: 22nd June 2017

At Tuntum, we think that involving our residents is really important. It means that you get a say in the services you receive.

That’s why we’re are members of TPAS, the Tenant Engagement Experts. TPAS aims to equip tenants and landlords with the skills and knowledge to work together, to have constructive conversations, and to arrive at informed and cost-effective solutions for improving services, saving money, and bringing real and long-lasting change to communities.

TPAS membership opens up a lot of resources and opportunities for us in the office, but also for you our residents. You have access to training and regional networking events through their website – all you have to do is register your details at www.tpas.org.uk. You can also sign up to receive information on housing and tenant involvement via email, access online forums, and use their enquiry service for advice on engagement issues.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with Tuntum, including joining our residents’ scrutiny panel Magnify, contact Mel on 0115 912 1290 or email melaniewilson-davis@tuntum.co.uk