Refugee Futures at Rhubarb Farm

Date published: 30th June 2021

Refugee Futures at Rhubarb Farm by Nicole Wood, Engagement and Employability Support Worker

Every employee at Tuntum has to spend one day a year on a Social Values Day, volunteering within the community. At the end of June, fellow Refugee Futures team member Karolina and I, pulled out our wellies, well trainers, to spend our Social Values Day at Rhubarb Farm. 

The Volunteer Coordinator Helen, welcomed us and told us a bit a bit what they do.

“Rhubarb Farm is a horticultural-based environmental social enterprise, based in Langwith, on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border. We provide a wide variety of services including: work placements, training and volunteering opportunities to people with long-term issues, or people who want to learn about growing their own fruit and vegetables. We offer support to people who are ex-offenders, have mental ill health, physical ill health, learning disability, physical disability, dementia, are school students struggling with their behaviour at school, are recovering drug or alcohol misusers, or are ex-service personnel with PTSD.”

Everyone who comes to Rhubarb Farm is a volunteer, no matter what their needs or abilities – everyone can make a contribution.

Helen showed us around the farm and we were impressed with the amount of fruit and vegetables they were growing.  We visited their pig pen and their hens before having a little look around the farm’s shop where they sell some of their home grown produce and eggs as well as natural honey. 

We got there on weeding day. So we helped one of their more experienced volunteers to weed part of the gardens and trim the hedge. It looked amazing afterwards and we both felt a sense of reward in being able to help. We both liked the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Rhubarb Farm and were happy to be able to make our contribution. We would recommend it to anyone! 

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Staff volunteering at Rhubarb Farm
Staff volunteering at Rhubarb Farm
Staff volunteering at Rhubarb Farm