‘Money Talks’ Workshop

Date published: 7th July 2017

On Tuesday 4th July, we held a ‘Money Talks’ workshop in partnership with Sound as a Pound.

The aim of the course was to teach ways of changing negative spending behaviour patterns through recording, improve budgeting and money management skills, and increase self-confidence in looking for and accessing local public facilities in order to reduce financial vulnerability.


Course overview:

1 Understanding your Income & Expenditure
  • List the various types of income you have
  • List your everyday household expenditure
  • Calculate your income against your outgoings
2 Prioritising Spending
  • Identify essential and non-essential spending
  • Prioritise your non-essential spending
  • Recognise the difference between ‘need’ versus ‘want’
  • Understand the consequences of not paying bills
3 Food & Household Shopping
  • Menu planning
  • Create a shopping list for food and household  goods
  • Identify good value shopping
4 Understanding Transaction Information
  • Identify the important information on shopping receipts, bills and statements from suppliers and creditors
5 Saving Money
  • Reducing household energy and water consumption
  • Looking at different ways to save money
  • Small sacrifices – big rewards
6 Debt Management
  • Recognise the life changes that can cause debt

All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the day:

“I came in knowing nothing and came out knowing 10/10.”

“I feel confident now.”

“It’s as sound as a pound!”

“Worthwhile coming, very informative.”

If you’re interested in the skills above or you’d like to learn more about how Sound as a Pound can help you improve your financial confidence, call 0115 844 3745 or visit www.soundasapound.org.