Housing Ombudsman Maladministration

Date published: 8th December 2022

The Housing Ombudsman Service has published a list of 32 landlords with a maladministration finding rate of 50% or higher in the year 2021-22, which included Tuntum Housing Association.

Tuntum is included on the list as 50% of its Housing Ombudsman cases were found to have been maladministered

During 2021-22 we had two tenants who received decisions on complaints they had taken to the Housing Ombudsman for review. They found maladministration in handling an aspect of a complaint in one case, equating to 50% of the cases they reviewed.

Tuntum welcomes the findings provided to us by the Housing Ombudsman as they help us to learn from our complaints and improve the way in which we work.

In 2021-22 we received 77 complaints, of which 2 were escalated to the Housing Ombudsman Service. This equates to less than 1% of our tenants overall.

Since the introduction of the post of Customer Excellence Leader in 2021, we have held monthly cross-departmental meetings to learn from the complaints we handle to improve the service we deliver. There is more information on what we’ve learnt on this page.

We have introduced a Customer Experience Committee, with four tenant members, who are able to interrogate the learnings we take from our complaints. We are committed to continuing our work with our Independent Complaints Panel, which works in partnership with Places for People’s tenants to review complaints.