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Date published: 12th September 2023

The Regulator of Social Housing has launched a consultation on the draft Consumer Standards. The outcome of the consultation will shape what is required of registered social housing providers for years to come, so it is important that they reflect the needs of tenants.

The new proposed Consumer Standards are:

The Safety and Quality Standard
  • Requires landlords to provide safe and good quality homes and landlord services to tenants.
The Transparency, Influence, and Accountability Standard
  • Requires landlords to be open with tenants and treat them with fairness and respect so that tenants can access services, raise complaints when necessary, influence decision making and hold their landlord to account.       
The Neighbourhood and Community Standard
  • requires landlords to engage with other relevant parties so that tenants can live in a safe and well-maintained neighbourhoods and feel safe in their homes.
The Tenancy Standard
  • Sets requirements for the fair allocation and letting of homes and for how those tenancies are managed and ended by landlords.

You can read all about the standards by clicking here, they are due to come into force from 1 April 2024.

You can have your say by replying to the consultation, find out more about how to by clicking here.

If you need help responding, please let us know by getting in touch and our Customer Excellence Leader will help you, you can email her here – christinamorgan-danvers@tuntum.co.uk

The consultation is set to close at 6pm on Tuesday, 17 October.