Getting together during the pandemic

Date published: 7th September 2020

Jacqueline Shepherd, a resident at Lyn Gilzean for 3 years, organised a socially responsible barbecue for the residents in Lyn Gilzean to cheer them up during the pandemic. Jacqueline said that meeting other residents was long overdue.

She said: “The event was a great success, really good turnout for my first event. Next time I hope to include and involve residents from Balisier Court.”

Christopher Foster, another resident, was the chef for the day and cooked a selection of burgers and sausages on the barbecue. Jerk chicken was also on the menu and supplied by Bev Pinnock.
Christopher Foster said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the weather was good and it was nice to be amongst other residents from the scheme.”

Christopher would like to see more of this and suggested other ideas like beginners IT courses. He also suggested a talk about Mental Health Awareness after being in lock down for such a long time.

Molr, a mature student from Iran studying English Literature and English Language at Nottingham Community College, said: “I’m really happy to be able to interact with other residents from the scheme, I felt a little isolated since the sudden closure of college due to Covid-19. Today is a good day!”

Dorothy Ellis, one of our Tpas members, said: “It’s encouraging seeing the residents socialising and getting fresh air. Going forward more things like this should be happening, and on a regular basis. Good day, good food, good company!”

Jacqueline in conjunction with the other residents have lots of ideas for future events. Watch this space!