Get involved with assessing our complaints handling!

Date published: 12th September 2022

At Tuntum we take complaints seriously and want to involve our tenants when we make decisions that affect them.

As a member of the Housing Ombudsman Service, we are required to complete a self-assessment on our complaint handling and publish the document on our website.

We would like to give our tenants the opportunity to give us their views before we publish the document on our website.

Could you spare some time to review a word document and provide us with your feedback?

It may take an hour or two but it can be done at a time that suits you.

We would need to hear back from you by the 25th September, so that we can take your feedback on board and make changes to the assessment before we have to publish it on 1st October.

As a thank you, your name will go into a draw for a £50 voucher once we’ve received your feedback.

If you would like to take part, please contact our Customer Excellence Leader on email at and she will send you the word document for you to review.