Tuntum regains G1 status

Date published: 27th June 2024

The Regulator of Social Housing has today published a regulatory judgement, upgrading Tuntum’s governance rating to the highest standard, G1.

While our governance rating has always been compliant, we needed to improve some aspects of our governance arrangements and are pleased that the regulator has received sufficient assurance to make this decision.

Statement from the CEO, Charmaine Simei:

“We are really encouraged that our hard work and renewed focus has resulted in a strengthened governance framework which has been reflected in our re-grading. 

As an incoming CEO the responsive engagement process with the Regulator over the last few months has been an invaluable experience. 

At Tuntum we look forward to launching our new Corporate Strategy in the coming weeks; a strategy that has been co-created by many voices and informed by the experience of our journey back to G1.” 

Statement from the Chair, Junior Hemans:

“We are very pleased that Tuntum has regained its G1 rating, and I would like to personally thank the Board, Senior Leadership Team and involved customers for their contributions and support. We remain focussed on continuing improvement and delivering our new Corporate Strategy.”