Come and meet our CEO

Date published: 12th December 2023

Charmaine Simei, the new CEO of Tuntum, would like to get to know Tuntum’s customers.

In an article in the Autumn/Winter issue of Engage, our tenant newsletter, she said,

“My priority is getting to know the Associations; hearing the customer’s voice is essential to that picture.”

In line with that, we would like to invite customers to join some ‘Meet Charmaine’ sessions in January to discuss topics like what Tuntum does well. What could we do better and how can we hear the customer’s voice in every decision?

We will have limited numbers available at each session to ensure that we can have valuable conversations, but we will book more sessions if needed.

Tuesday 16th January | 10: 00 – 12:00 | Tuntum’s head office, New Basford, Nottingham

Thursday 18th January | 18: 00 – 19:30 | Online

Wednesday 24th January | 13:30 – 15:00 | Tuntum’s head office, New Basford, Nottingham

Please contact Christina Morgan-Danvers to request your preferred slot by email to or call 0115 916 6066.