Avoid having a clear-out

Date published: 23rd April 2020

Whilst it’s tempting to have a clear out at the moment please remember:

  • In most local authorities Household waste & Recycling centres are temporarily closed
  • Bulky Waste collections are temporarily suspended
  • Charity shops are currently closed.

It is illegal to fly tip or burn your own waste or recycling.

Offenders will be putting their tenancy at risk and may face prosecution.

We recognise that you are likely to have more rubbish and bin stores are likely to fill up quickly. Please help us by bagging up your rubbish properly to prevent spillages and avoid blocking access to the bin store so that it can continue to be emptied by the bin men.

If you witness flytipping then we would encourage you to contact us via email at housing@tuntum.co.uk or by calling 01159166066