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proud to contlnue to deltver the 
broad v1s1on of Tuntums founders *«_
, , , Obvtously t1mes have changed '"ll,£ll,,fl&,ll:,Vlll: lg‘  H,,l,llll;s,s:ll: ‘

slgnthcantly stnce 1988 but ’ "  "   "  '
Stnce I became the Chalr of Tuntum two years ago I the passton to make a pos1t1\/e Cz‘?r‘l",7‘/tt’,?‘{l,,lr}" J“ i'.lf’7l’iT_l;,‘r?,f(r (=5:
have been lmpressed wtth the dedtcatlon and hard work dtfterence for our customers ,.l,_sl,, ll 5, ll“; l__l;;lll
shown by our staff and my colleagues on the board I am and the broader communlty ‘” 3*"~“§ “’ M” '*"' “ "'[“’“‘“"
pleased that we have made substanttal progress dunng has not  cg‘gfgfijfalrirJ'li,,ll'/ffisrflf
that ttme wtth renewed growth and tncreased efflctency  s  ,_  W ll.i>_ _
We are pleased to have been re—graded as a G1 Assoclatton The Board "lees QVEW Veal “ll”? “‘»':n"" “”/‘>5 “""“5 W "71 ‘W “'33
followlng the lDA 1n Apnl 2017 and understand that as to re‘/le‘/V the Way ahead for 'll‘7‘,"_}7:'77Tl,‘l‘h:.1 ;_'._l;- lllfjllger  "
long as we keep developlng new homes we w1ll remaln a the A55OCla“O” alld at OW la“ a  a ' a ‘i ‘ a 8 /
peneelly acceptable V2 weekend lfl November 2017 we

explored 1n depth how we can adapt

Our v1s1on ts to provlde out communltles w1th our speclalrst houstng servtces to meet
servtces from the cradle to the grave, examples the challenges ahead wh1lst putttng our
betng our young mothers pro]ects 1n latest BLtSll"l€SS Plan through the ngours of ~
Nottlngham and Erewash and our sheltered stress testrng We do not stand sttll at Tuntum
schemes 1n Notttngham ln between we belng fully aware of the changlng envlronment 1n our areas
provlde over 1300 homes for famllles of operatron, the conttnutng tmpact of austenty on our
and stngle people and deltver spectaltst tenants and the demographtc changes 1n our lnner ctttes
servtces whlch prepare our most
dlsadvantaged lo, tne Cnallenges laced Last year we sard goodbye to Mtchael Bent who served
by non-lelessnessl pol/eny and lne ablllly Tuntum very well for ntne years most of that tlme as Vlce
lo suslaln a tenancy Chalr and welcomed Chns Jones and l<v\/abena Osayande,
both bnnglng excellent sktlls to the Board
As t1me passes we are dtsappolnted to
see more small and ln panleulal BME led l would l1ke to thank the Executlve and our staff for the1r
asseelallons dlsappeanng llom OW seelel dedtcated work over the last year Together w1th the hard
We see gleal lewald fol our eornlnunlnes work and commltment of the Board‘ we make a dynamlc
and tne Wldel soclety non-l tne dlvelslty team ready to tmprove the l1ves of our customers and take
' » lnal We bnng and lne Board nas agreed on the varlous challenges assoclated w1th growtng the
' that for the foreseeable we Wlll str1ve A55OClaUOl"‘
‘ a to remarn as an lndependent houstng Junior Hemans
assoclatlon In December 2018 we w1ll
celebrate our thlrtteth annlversaryr

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