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To ensure that board and staff are adequately - Board members attended 9 full board meet1ngs, 7 commlttee meet1ngs and 3 separate tra1n1ng and plannlng
sl<1lled and del1ver effectlve governance and days, as well as havlng 1nd1v1dual performance appralsals
efftclent operatlonal performance - The Regulatory Judgement lmproved from C2 to Cl 1n June 2017
- Board recelved a pos1t1ve revlew of 1ts governance performance by external governance consultants
- The annual revlew agalnst the adopted Nl-(F Code of Governance 2015 showed full compllance
To dellver excellent standard of serv1ces to - Overall tenant‘s satlsfactlon target of 85% achleved
tenants and leaseholders whlch are hlghly - Tenant scrut1ny panel Magnlfy carr1ed out a number of act1v1t1es dur1ng the year 1nclud1ng 3 full TEVISWS on
appreclated by them VOldS performance, webslte development and estate 1nspect1ons There were also 10 tenant roadshow events
covenng a number of areas and regular estate lnspectlons
To develop more homes for people In - Numbers of houslng stock 1nclud1ng houslng for sale lncreased by 19 unlts wlth Board approval g1ven for
houslng need 1nclud1ng speclallst houslng and another 61 homes for rent and shared ownershlp sale
homes for sale - Development Strategy revlsed wlth the target of 234 homes by 2021 1nclud1ng a number for spec1al1st houslng
To be more entrepreneurlal by explonng new - New Spec1al1st Houslng Strategy approved by the Board w1th targets to develop more houslng 1n the areas of
bus1ness opportunltles whlch maybe health and e><—offenders
non—hous1ng but bu1ld1ng on the good - New programme for refugees establlshed 1n areas outslde of Nottlngham Clty
reputatlon of the Assoclatlon and the - Spec1al1st houslng programme started for female e><—offenders
e><1st1ng staff sl<1lls and proftle
To remaln flnanclally strong wlthln sound - Rlsk management framework Improved wtth the adoptlon of new software
nsk management parameters and value for - Value for Money 1n1t1at1ves resulted 1n reduced operatlng costs and Improved operatlng surplus
money framework - An lnvestment of £15m over 28 years by the BAE Penslon Fund v1a a pnvate placement agreed
To contlnue to dellver lnttlatlves - Soc1al value dellvered amountlng to 94% of turnover (£770,565)
whlch enhance the soclal, economlc - Staff ‘soclal value‘ day lntroduced wtth a theme for 2017 of 'refugees and homelessness‘
and envlronmental s1tuat1ons of local r
communltles I
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