Page 11 - Tuntum Housing Annual Report 2017
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Through the Syrran Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme, we

rehouse refugee tam1l1es and help to rntegrate them Into the1r new

communmes Thls 1n\/olves prepanng houses for them to move Into, My V\0U5e dl'\d b\A51l'1e55 Wele bombed ll" SW13

helplng to reglster Wlth GPs and schools, accesslng adult educatron and ’ 1 l05t eVel\/WW9, eVelYdW'l9 I had Wdlked ldl

language courses, applyrng for benefits and settlng up bank accounts, ldl 18 \/e3l5 I fled Wlm my l3l"ml\/ to ddlddl‘ add

connectlng them Wlth volunteer groups, support servrces, and cultural We stayed “'1 51 lelhgee Camp EVemU3“y WY VOW

DTOVISIOH such as halal meat supplrers Ydlmgel Cmldled my Wlle add I mdddded 10

come to England I am now studylng Engl1sh at
college, and I hope to get a job soon Sometlmes
' I th1nl< of my lrte back home and 1 get very sad
My Wrfe cnes sometrmes But we are very happy

I was born 1n Congo My father came to England before me and left to have come here [t has been drfficult but we

me V\/lU"l some other people I th1nl< he brought me over here to do the want to bu1ld a lrte here ,
housework I came here 1n 2007 but he was very abuslve He d1dn‘t let ‘

me go to school he made me do the , _ -..

cool<1ng and the cleanrng, he beat me ,I ,

for no reason Sometrmes he even made  ‘ J ’ r

me sleep outslde At 15, lwas l1v1ng1n a ]  I ' I

hostel It was loud, I felt unsafe, l shared 1 l ‘ _ "1 K '\ ,

a bathroom wrth boys l don't l1l<e berng fl’ " ‘

around boys, l don't trust them after the (

way my father treated me lt was better '1 '5' , Q’
When l found lmaanl lt's not l1l<e 1n "  ‘
Blrmrngham, where people used to fight *

every day, bnng guns Into the hostel, \ W _

do drugs l felt sate I started studyrng at J---.. , . 
NCN, and they helped me b1d for my I
own home " 7

,/I / /23
fa.  _:::r-"*’

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